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Originally Posted by OakleyDaisys View Post
I use the non slip drawer liner stuff, which I'm assuming is probably the same as the carpet grip stuff.
The drawer liner looks like this:

I think the price at Walmart is $2-$4/roll but not sure.

The carpet grip, this is the best--Duck Hold it:

I prefer Duck hold it since it's self adheisive. You just need to cut a stripe and apply to the clip.

Apply the stripe at top (inside) if the clips are for pigtail, at bottom (inside) if the clip is for keeping the hair away from the eyes.

Other material I've heard: velvet ribbon, magnet*** stripe (I don't know the name, help please), and LAMB's patent pending HairGripper.

The alternative is to use snap clips. They are perfect for babies. I have a customer bought the snap clips for her 3 month old baby and it worked just fine. Here is the picture:

The snap clips in the picture is 1.25"x3/8". I think other sizes work too. Just need different size (for example, 5/8") ribbon to line the ribbon.

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