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Default Re: Tulle Pom Wands

My tulle tie broke again (man, I must be really strong). Hee hee. But it DID tie tighter.

Anyway, I think it looks much more similar to the desired result at this point but I need more practice.

I used (read that wasted) a combined 50 yards of tulle on the two puffs I've made so far: 25 yds of white and 25 yds of pink. But that was just around $7 worth retail price. My first one was huge (using the stack and tie method).

I think I'm going to need something stronger so I may try the elastic for the center tie when I get more tulle. I'd like to try some in the blue tulles.

ALSO, I think I need sharper fabric sheers. I just know I've seen my husband grab my sewing sheers and use them on paper! It was a chore for me to cut through the 4 layers and not cut the cardboard. I wonder if there is something other than cardboard that could be used. Maybe something metal (I'll have to check around Lowes and Home Depot to see what is available).

My camera currently has over 1000 pictures loaded onto it and so I haven't been able to take and upload my pom pictures, but I will try to do that soon. I know the posts are more fun with pictures.

Anyone else getting any tweeking tips that are working for them?
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