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Originally Posted by Littlecansofbeans View Post
The final puffball. Pull tight - don't be a wimp!

and a picture of the lilly in my daughters hair form littlepinkladybugs instructions just because I thought it looked cute.

The puffball is as full as the other one I made and just as secure - you have to pull tight!

So now you have to glue your dowel in. Whacha gonna use? Hot glue? Fabric-Tac? I'm betting lots of things would work for this. With a bow (one hopes) it won't get messed with too much, but the wands are supposed to be bopped around and waved around (I'm thinking of my own darlings) so I'm going to have to get something that will be secure.

Once I get a good one I may be too scared to mess it up with glue. Ha ha.
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