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Default Re: What is the difference between boutique and twisted boutique?

Originally Posted by jennychaffey View Post
So it's "senior" members should be called out when they bully others on here? I thought that Krysia was acting really disrespectful. She was being a bitch to the questioner (I guess it's OK to use this word since it was just used on me) so I called her old ugly ass on it. This woman deserved a little courtesy and respect regardless or what you "senior" members perceive your status to be. How DARE I stand up to her! You really put me in my place for that. Bravo (clap, clap, clap). The rules have to be the same for everybody.

BTW, all six of my posts were for this thread, all defending this original questioner. But thanks for checking out my profile. Don't bother insulting me further because I won't be back. Meanwhile, go back to cheating the welfare system by sitting on your fat ass all day blogging and making bows. But at least you get to be "respected members" in cyberspace. That's awesome.
What's the matter hon, did your candy man short your junk this week? Too bad, because it sure sounds like you need a fix... and soon!

So let me just say this..