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Originally Posted by shelleylyon View Post
Thank you so much! I have another problem, sorta. My friend showed me a bow from a website that she liked. The price was $4.95 each. I'm making the bow exactly like the one in the picture but without sequins and she wants me to match the price.
I know this is a little late, but I absolutely had to put in my $.02.
4.95 is the best they could get for that bow!! (They= Omnicheer and Campus cheer and Cheerleading online) Some poor little child made those bows with the most inferior of products, and probably got paid 50 cents that week to do so.
I saw two or even three teams with those horrible, cheap bows at our last competition and when I say "Horrible and cheap" I am being nice. They were floppy, fraying, the layers peeling apart and fraying from the middle (or interior) of the bow, not just the ends. The metallic was near-sheer and the sequins had fallen or been picked off. (We had some girls sitting right in front of us) My eyes were practically bugging out of my head, and my lower lip almost bleeding from me trying so hard not to give my card to the coach!!!! OMGosh! Really?? Do they not understand that the bow is part of the uniform?
So, do yourself a favor, don't lower your standards to meet theirs, ever. If your bows are worth more, then don't be afraid to say so. Explain why your bows are better, and she will not only be your friend, but she will purchase your bows. If she didn't this year, you can bet she learned a lesson and she will next year!!
Thanks for letting me vent, I swear that company's stuff is just crap-not just the bows, either.
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