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Default Re: How to make better korkers???

Originally Posted by jaunamaria View Post
Maxine I tried mine like that and did NOT like the outcome at all. I do mine similar but I do NOTspread it open just put each korker piece on individually then i go back through all of them as a whole. I have to use a thimble to push it through.. or I try to remember to, I like to use my thumb nail but that can be disasterous. as in the eye end of hte needle go through my thumbnail making a hole in the nail, not a big deal but my other thumb on top of it was. The eye of the needle went through my thumb hit the bone and it was all bruised and swollen for a long while.
anyway.. aftr the thimble i push it threw as far as I can and then get my plyers out (I have some that are JUST mine) and grab the needled nad pull it through.
OUCH!! I'm so sorry about your thumb

Your korkers are gorgeous! Definitely keep on making them the way you are

I find that if I don't spread them out, they all kind of come together (and not in a good way). I do sew mine though because I like knowing they won't come apart.
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