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Default Re: because I'm a good sister:)

Originally Posted by jhall52 View Post
I also liked her page. She's got some gorgeous pics. I've really got to start looking for someone who will do pics for trade. I don't do tutu's (yet) or sew any dresses. I mainly do woven headbands, singed flowers, clippies with bows, appliques and felt. Think your sister would be interested?

Joanne, thank you for the like! She was so excited last night when she finally got to sit down and look through her page. So thanks everyone!
Joanne, you could ask her. I don't know what her schedule looks like for the rest of the year with Christmas pics but I'm sure she's got people coming in. Plus she has a 4-year-old daughter and access to two cute 2-year-old girls. Lots of photogenic kids in our family Of course I am biased lol. But her email is listed on her fan page I believe and she can let you know for sure if she'd be up for it. She's done some work for my shop as well.
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