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Default Re: how to use alligator clips

Originally Posted by samsmombeth View Post
I also use hot glue. I don't finish lining my clip on the top where I attach the bow, I leave the inside bare. Then glue my bow & wrap the center around & glue it then I take my lining ribbon & go over the inside of the clip. It looks a little neater & I figure it also gives an extra layer to make sure it doesn't go anywhere. My dd (and I use that term loosely some days) who is almost 3 hasn't been able to get them apart. She can take apart any electronics & many other things but not my bows!!
See the problem I have with this way is that when wrapping the center around to the inside of the clip makes it bulky where the clip comes together and it will not hold. How do you avoid this? I could see on smaller bows it might not do this but on a 4" bow or even a 3" it is going to have a bulky center.
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