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Default Re: funky bow tutorial!

Seriously, lovetostamp, don't let this drive you away!! Where theres women, there is drama. And I don't think it got ugly until about page 7. I think some people were just trying to explain that you can't take someone else's ideas and then charge for them. Then I think some people came on here trying to suggest dropping it, yet kept commenting themselves. I read this thread from the start and liked your bow, only I learned how to make it from all the women trying to figure it out together. i think it is fair that someone let others know that this same info was already on here for free. I, as a HG appreciate that kind of info. Kind of like being told when someones destash is a scam or something. Stick around and share some more info and get some free advice while you're here!!! Thats WJWD!!!
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