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Default Re: funky bow tutorial!

Originally Posted by mabear74 View Post
While I agree with this, I'm just curious as to why it seems to be ok for people to offer paid tuts for things like twisted boutiques, surrounds and pinwheels that are offered for free throughout this forum?
Because anyone who has ever made a twisted boutique bow knows that there are a million methods/ways to do it and they all look different. It's one of the hardest bows to master. I do believe the member that is newly selling her twisted tut came up with her own methods of making it and tried offering her help in a previous thread until many had asked her to do a tut with photos. I think it's the fact that the OP clearly had no idea how to make this, took information from the thread, and tried to make money from it.

Like I said before, this forum lately has been all about money making, scamming, group buys gone bad, etc. If I think I can help save someone some money by giving a little free info, then I will.
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