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Default Re: funky bow tutorial!

Originally Posted by JackiSG View Post
I understand people buy/find free tuts on certain things. In time they offer tuts of their own, for free or for sale. Taking bits and pieces of their own ideas with other peoples ideas. I am fine with that!

Thank you PLTBowsetc for giving all of us the free tut on the "how to make his style" thread (page 14, post #135, 138 and 139).

This is what I have a problem with:

Post #234 on page 24

Post #252 on page 26

Post #266 on page 27

Made her first one on 11/8 mentioned how PLTBowsetc's photos helped her. On 11/9 A member asked for help, she asked the member if she saw the photos, that PLTBowsetc provided. 11/15 mentioned making a tut. 11/20 The tut was for sale!

I read where members asked if this was the same tut. She said no. The person that asked bought one, then posted it was the same. That is what I have a problem with. Yes people can do/make as they please, and people have the option to buy, or not buy. We also have the right to inform people. Of course I do not think people should hijack a thread, by trying to sell something cheaper, or post a free tut, but when you have someone that clearly took someone elses idea, and you have proof, that is where I draw the line!
I was just discussing this privately with another member. The original poster just admitted to getting her info from that thread you all were talking about. I am not sure what to say but imo it is ethically wrong to do that. If anyone was to do a paid for PDf would be the member that gave the most info on creating this particular item. Had the OP on here created her own tut with her own version (not exact) of this item then I don't see a problem but since those that are buying it are saying it is the exact same thing then there really is not much room for defending.

You have the right to do whatever you want but everyone, including the OP, needs to stop and ask themselves is it right to do this? Will I step over anyone's toes? Am I not thinking of others on here? We never really had anyone do this to us in the past. We discussed how to make something and the person telling us how would end up compiling everything and either do it for free or sell it for really cheap ($3 avg). Not someone soaking in answers and coming up with a pdf to sell for $5.

The wrongs on here:

do not post a link to something free when someone is trying to sell (this was an exception of course)

do not copy and create someone else's work and turn around and sell it.

now....I need my drink.
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