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Default Re: funky bow tutorial!

I agree that we should be able to share free tuts. I am just not sure it is fair to share them in the same thread as the paid one. But yes in this case I think she worked off the backs of others. I do know what OP stands for. That is what I was asking. Is it fair to the original poster that is trying to sell something?

Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
What part of Maxine's post are you agreeing with and what part are you disagreeing with? If you agree that, in principle, members/posters can generally "post a link to a free tutorial" then I don't understand why you go on to ask: "Is it fair for the OP (any OP not just this one) to post the link in the same thread?"

I think we can all agree that it would be in poor taste for someone to post a competing paid tutorial and perhaps even a free tutorial that was competing in the sense that it was directing traffic to the creator's site. But in this case it seems pretty clear that the OP was heavily inspired by a 12 step tutorial made available to everyone for no other reason than to help members of a community, in the spirit of generosity.

I can't say it is wrong of anyone to build on that information and try and make some money off of it, but it certainly isn't wrong for anyone to notice where that information originated from ... and to point that out to others. After all, maybe they'd like to make a paid tutorial too.

BTW, OP usually refers to the "Opening Post" or perhaps the "Opening Poster".


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