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Originally Posted by Littlecansofbeans View Post
I just tried to quote the last two posts.

Pictures - do you have pictures of the one your kids pulled apart?
Was is very compact? What did you tie it with? How much tulle did you use?I can't pull my bits out.

O.k. Let me sit down and try another one.

Give me an hour or so and I'll get pictures to you.

I used nylon tulle (the pink seemed a bit stiffer than the white...or the white is a bit softer than the pink). I used white embroidery string (the kind with 5 strands together, not embroidery thread on a spool). The first time I tied tight (during the donut/pom run) the thread actually snapped when I pulled it tight.

The second time (when I stacked my strips that had fallen apart from the pom) I used the same string but wrapped around twice before I tied the final knot. It didn't snap/break then, BUT it's not AS tight as I'd like. I LOOKS good but I know if I pull them the strips will come out.

I think I've seen people using elastic on their bows (for tied centers) so maybe that would work. I don't have any right now (the craft stores are probably tired of seeing me every day for just $5 purchases...ching, ching, ching). Hey! I can just use a pony-o elastic, cut.

Right now I'm thinking: use precut rounds of tulle (like those used for wedding favors) OR cut circles and use elastic to tie the center.
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