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Default Tutu apron??????????

OK - I usually make the boutique filled sewn tutu's that are offered on the YCMT site. Love them! An older lady approached me at my show on Saturday and REEEEEEAAAALLLLLLLYYYY wants me to make her a tutu apron that she can wear to serve cocktails. Trust me, at first I thought she was joking. She is not. 2 questions:
1. I need ideas on the "filling" for the pocket layer - somethings to do with drinks, but that won't poke through, or damage the tulle. I usually use flower petals, jingle bells, fake snow, etc... HELP???

2. Ideas on how to make it into an apron??? I am assuming I will make the apron tie, and then gather the waistband of the tutu, not insert elastic at all, and sew it to the tie???? ack!!!!!

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