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Default Re: funky bow tutorial!

Originally Posted by SerendipityBoutique View Post
Maxine, I just had to say I love your siggy...I was dying to know your secret! LOL!! As to this thread. I did buy the tut, mainly because I was too lazy to search for the instructions. I hope that the OP did not steal it from someone else, or maybe did not even realize that she did. TO ilovstarze2001: I think you should have handled your business in a pm, JMO.
LoL @ dying to know the secret! Welcome to the cool girl's club!!

I'm a little confused about lovetostamp's tut because it seems she, along with many others, learned how to make the bow using PLTBowsetc's excellent instructions in that thread. And it wasn't PLTBowsetc's instructions alone, others shared their knowledge as well. Many people offered helpful hints.

In that thread, she announced I am actually in the works of making a really good paid tutorial now. So, to me, I'm wondering about the ethical nature of the tut. If it is a compilation of the information from that thread, then I don't think it's fair to charge someone for someone else's free tutorial.

Just my (but offering it to you for free! lol )
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