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Default Re: funky bow tutorial!

Originally Posted by 1pink1blue View Post
I think she meant it is different than the funky loopy bow tut. That would be true. This isn't a funky loopy bow, this is a new style. But looks to be the same as the bow people were trying to figure out.
Originally Posted by 1pink1blue View Post
I am that OP. I just want to clarify again that this bow is not the "funky loopy bow" that we are all used to. That is a completely different bow. I am not endorsing her tut. I haven't even bought it and may never buy it or I might.
I never said it was the funky loopy bow that we are all used to. I said it was the same bow that was being discussed in a previous thread (just as you said in the first post I quoted).

Originally Posted by SerendipityBoutique View Post
I am just going to say that I have both the tuts, the funky loop and the loopy. These two are NOT the same, really not even close. Just because she is making loops in her bow does not make them the same bow. I am sorry to the OP that her post was jacked by drama! I think that if you have a problem with it, you should have pmed her and handled it that way. It is a good tut(coming from someone who has bought A LOT of them).
I have both tuts as well. They definitely are not the same bow, but this discussion was about the bow that was "picked apart" in another thread. Her post was not jacked by drama. People wanted to know if they were going spend money on something that was previously discussed for free, and that's why links were posted. Her directions are, step by step, the same as what PLTBowsetc posted.
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