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Default Re: Alligator or French Clip?

Originally Posted by Vistra View Post
I want to make the layered bows to sell, but when I made a few for my daughter they came apart. The bow was fine but it detached from the alligator clip.

I lined the alligator clip. Wrap the 3/8" around. Attached the bow with hot glue gun, but the lining attached to the bow came loose from the clip along with the 3/8" ribbon knot. I like the alligator clip but can it hold up to such a thick bow.
Thanks for posting this question. I'm not at this point myself but I'd been wondering about whether the weight of the bow will pull the liner off the clip.

I'll have to keep the tip about "clear(er)" glue sticks being better and also the tip about tying the ribbon on before applying the center knot.
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