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Default Re: what type of marabou is easiest?

I'm new to all of this too.

I would think that for most bows you would simply need a puff as an accent.

in which case individual puffs would be the way to go if you can get hold of them. Otherwise there is a very recent thread that tells you how to make puffs from the "linear" (for lack of a better term).

Basically you take a 1.5" - 2" section, form a circle, and glue it together. If I had a better memory I would give credit to the person that posted the information, but I'll thank them again here.

I'm not quite sure when you might need a longer section in a bow. It would have to be a pretty big bow.

And I don't think the individual feathers or boas are really the way to go unless you want a more obvious feathered look, as opposed to a downy/fluffy look.
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