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Default Re: How to make this design cheer bow???

I don't know if you already found an effective way to cut fabric with a machine, but if you haven't you can use the Cricut to cut fabric. You have to use steam-a-seam 2 (double stick fusible web), then peel off one side and place it on your fabric, then iron it on to the back of your fabric for a few seconds. Then put your fabric, fabric side down, on your Cricut mat. Put your pressure settings on high. Use blue painter's tape to anchor your fabric to the mat (scotch tape doesn't work as well, and is difficult to remove). Load your mat and move it so it doesn't cut the painter's tape and select cut. I'd try it first on paper, and try a few sizes so you don't waste your fabric. After it cuts, click unload, and peel your cut-out off the mat. If it didn't cut all the way through all the way around, you can just cut those sections with scissors rather than adjusting your pressure settings and re-cutting. Now peel the paper backing off your new cut-out, position it on your ribbon until you have it where you want it, then use your iron and press down. You may want to place a cloth between the iron and your bow, depending on the fabric you are using.
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