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Default Re: Anyone make Bottle cap bracelets!

Originally Posted by nursemom View Post
-I get a size 4-6 nylon made with microfiber. Cut the toe out. I then lay it on my cutting board and cut two 1/2 inch pieces.
-I take my washer with the smooth side up and bring one of my nylon cords up thru the middle of the washer. I bring the top of the nylon loop down over the side and thru the middle of the nylon cord. When I pull it tight attaching it too the washer in a kind of slipknot.
-Repeat on the other side of the washer with the second nylon cord you made from the tights.
-Make a slipknot out of the two dangling ends.

No bead or glue needed.
nursemom, do you have any pics you can share showing how you did this?
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