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Default Re: I have hit 100 posts... Now what? lol

I thought the number was 100 or 150 and then when I got to 150, I realized I needed 250. I work almost FT and when I am home, I make dinner and help the kids with homework and then got on here around 9PM to check emails and such. I had a whole week off recently (DH was gone pig hunting in Texas, lol) and DD7 was sick a few days before that and ended up only attended school 2 days of my 5 days off (or was it three days?). I got sick with strep throat (thanks DD7 for drinking out of my soda bottle when I was not looking) and I was miserable and not sleeping. I had planned on working on crafts etc from ideas I got on here and ended up dealing with a sick child when I was sick and trying to sleep a little during the day after taking extra pain relief excedrin when DD7 actually was at school.
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