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Default Re: funky bow tutorial!

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
The questions were perfectly fine. You should ask all the questions you need to before you buy. I know I did. I was talking more about the questioning why she would make a pay for tut when there was one already for free and the posters hijacking her thread by posting free tut links. This is her thread and she is trying to sell something. Posting the free tut link was uncalled for and should have been posted on a separate thread.

If people want something for free they need to learn how to search. I am the first to be willing to help anyone out if they need help with something and if I find a site that will help I will post it. I know of many free tuts for what she is trying to sell but I will not come on here and posts links to them because it is not showing respect towards the original postes. This is very similar to someone coming onto to your fan page and posting for everyone to go check out their cheaper stuff on their site and drawing customers away from that business. Be nice and think....if someone did that to you how would you feel?
Understood. I cannot and will not tell you how I'd feel because it wasn't done to me nor did I do it to her.

I don't like being misunderstood and I asked what I wanted to know and I made a choice whether to buy or not.

I was not the one that did the posting of free tuts, so I will not speak for them or address you in regards to that part of your comments.

I apologized to her if my questions were in any way offensive to her and that's that.
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