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Default Re: funky bow tutorial!

Originally Posted by iluvstarz2001 View Post
I understand your point, however this forum is to help people out. Not to take everyone's money. I would understand if she did her research, found the thread where someone figured out how to make it, and then made a tut for it. That way the old thread isn't brought back up to the surface (since it drives people so crazy for whatever reason) and she can sell her tut to the newbies who haven't done their research. I am still quite new, but I have done so much research it's not even funny. I have so many pages bookmarked, tons of tuts I found for free and some that I paid for. The OP specifically said her "funky bow" wasn't like the "funky loop bow". It is the SAME bow. In her tut, there is a picture that shows her making a loop and gluing in the center with the marabou. How is that different than the funky loop bow?? And she posted numerous times in that thread so she really was stepping on the toes of the person who posted the pictures. This is just like that thread with the scarf everyone was trying to figure out. I believe it was JackiSG that figured it out and then someone said they were going to make a tut out of it. How is that fair? JackiSG was giving FREE HELP and the other girl took that free help and made money off of it. This is also no different than the whole ribbon snowflake fiasco! What am I not getting here?? Are we not here to help each other out??

Yes, we are to help each other out and like I said I am one to do that to many of you who have asked. However there is nothing wrong with someone writing a tut to sell. Regardless if there is a post on how to do it for free. It is just a preference that everyone has the option to decide on. She has every right to do the tut....if you chose not to want to pay for it that is your choice. But I guarantee you there will be many that want to buy it just because they want to. If you have access to the free tut then that is wonderful for you. But hijaking a thread is wrong. If you tried selling something on here and someone came on your thread and said come look here by posting a can get it for free or cheaper then that is not really a nice thing to do. PM the person looking and direct them that way but don't call it out on her thread.
We are all not going to agree that paying for something is right but so many old timers have sold their tuts on here and none of us have ever had problems with it. You either buy it or you don't. If you are looking for something for free then search for it but do not come down on a poster for selling something. I was new once too and I never complained about having to buy a tut from someone. If I wanted to I did and if i didn't then I didn't. I did not make a big deal out of it.
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