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Default Re: Does anyone make the velcro baby bows

haha thats funny.. it happens.. my cousins are like that.. their father is hispanic.. they have 4 kids.. 3 are darker with dark hair.. then the youngest is so pale with red hair and freckles! lol but their mother has irish etc further down the family so i guess thats where it comes from.. but yah the red head was the youngest of all us kids and when his brothers sisters got mad at him theyd tell him he was adopted! horrible.. i know lol

mine may look alike.. but man their personalities could not be any more different!! my daughter is SO independent.. high strung.. repeats EVERYTHING she naps but yet up all night.. hah my son even tho he just turned 1 a month ago hes so much more simplier.. cuddly.. quiet.. sleeps a lot.. so different

hah.. weve just taken over this thread eh? lol
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