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Originally Posted by Littlecansofbeans View Post
Glad to be of help.

I was going to take pictures but I couldnt be bothered getting my camera as I get distracted so easily I figured if I went to get the camera out of the car I'd end up in the coffee shop.

I'll make another later and take pics. Super easy!


Okay. I'm frustrated. I made my donuts (about 4" in diameter"). I wrapped the tulle and quickly found out I had to just cut 3 foot strips and wrap and then keep adding strips b/c I couldn't get the spool of tulle (ha ha spool of tulle) through the donut hole and when I cut it the length I wanted to use but even THAT was too much to get through the hole. So the 3 ft strips really helped.

THEN when I was done and I tried to tie the string, it was a nightmare getting it around the cut tulle. I left it on the donuts, cut b/w them (like making a yarn pom) but b/c the tulle's natural instinct is to stand up straight, it began coming away from the donut as I cut around and tried to slip the string in between my two cardboard donuts. It started falling apart right away. Grrrrrr.

I almost pitched it, but then decided just to stack the (then cut into 6" strips due to my cutting around the donut) strips and tie around the center. I used two colors. I started with pink, then added a bunch of white and then pink again. It looks like it's on the right track (thank goodness). I will try to get a picture up here soon.

The trimming is time consuming and I have cut away a lot of tulle, but still have quite a large puff.

I'm a little worried about the strips coming out but so far it seems pretty sturdy. Once I complete this one I will let my DD play with it and see how long it lasts.

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