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Originally Posted by Littlecansofbeans View Post
Ah well I'm flattered!

Do as you would a pompom as per the link above. It is just one pompom - I first wrapped with red - then blue - then red - when you tie together the last reds come together and start making the stripe. You dont need to do pompoms and put together like i thought - you can just do blocks of color when wrapping the circle.

The dowel - it is just stuck up there for picture purposes but...I figure when I am wrapping the thread I will stick the dowel in the center then glue around and tie reall tight really fast.

VERY excited to make one of these to test it out. Thanks for telling me about the layering vs the multiple poms. I wouldn't have thought of that--I probably would have wrapped in stripes rather than the layering and been so disappointed.

Where do you like to get your colored tulle? I've got a M's craft store and a JA's. I think M's has more bridal stuff. I'm thinking those rolls of it that are about 6-8" wide. Or is it best just to go to a fabric store?

Do you get pre-cut dowels? Hardware store or craft store?
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