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Default Tinkerbelle and fairies bow

Ok so I had posted in another thread about my tutu order. I finally figured out what the customer was going for.

I thought I was making a tutu rainbow bright-esque... as the colors are red, orange, yellow, apple, turq... however apparently it's for a tinkerbelle and fairies party.

ok so i made a crochet tutu dress- yellow top- skirt colors above.

She wanted me to see about making a matching bow.

I thought I would do a yellow headband then incorporate the red, blue, orange, apple in the bow.

Need some opinions on the color layouts i should do.

I thought maybe Turq/apple bow then make orange/red surrounds?

any other suggesions?

Btw-This wouldn't have been where i would have gone for the party dress color scheme, but... the customer is always right
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