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Default Re: Any ideas on how to make this kanzashi double flower?

There are some awesome youtube videos of Japanese artisans making kanzashi. The audio is in Japanese, but I learned a lot just by watching them. The tri-color one on etsy looks like they folded the pointed petal with 2 different color fabrics at the same time, and then a smaller piece was used for the inner rounded petal. I just started trying out multiple pieces of fabric (or ribbon) & you can get different results depending on when you put the 2nd piece of fabric in (I mean at what stage in the folding, if that makes sense) I didn't combine pointed petals with rounded petals yet, but I've been making two-color petals by using one size for the outer & a slightly smaller size square for the inner one.

The youtube link is below. The ones I watched were the ones labelled 1/5, etc. They are amazing. I am totally fascinated by this art/craft.
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