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Default Re: Mod podge dimensional magic...

Hi all...first post !!

Totally new to making bottlecaps, but got some great info off this site and some yahoo groups I joined....all of y'alls stuff is sooo very beautiful!!

Anyway ...

I went out bought 100blank caps w/out liners, 100 neo mags, images printed @ Walgreens, E6000, and modge podge dimensional magic (was a little scared of/intimidated by ET Lite mess & fumes) and here's my process...

Day 1-
applied e6000 to caps and rubbed image on, clearing all bubbles

Day 2-
-Applied a thick coat of Dimensional magic directly onto one cap
-Applied a thin coat of DM on a second cap

Morning of Day 3-
-Both cap's are BEAUTIFUL...nice clear finish, thicker application a little clearer and smoother than thinner application.
-Did a happy dance , woohoo

Entire rest of Day 3-
-added glitter to about half of my caps
-filled all 98 caps with DM
-added rhinestones to about half as DM got tacky

Day 4-
-upon inspecting original 2 caps...found a CRACK on cap with thicker app, cap with thinner app still beautiful
-about 10 of my other caps had cracks of varying severity as well
-called Plaid, maker of modge podge, and asked WTH?? They said it cracked because I let the caps sit overnight near a window and they got too cold...mind you I didn't set them near window until way after the 3 hours recommended drying time. I asked if I could apply a second coat of DM to fill cracks, they said try it, cracks would fill, but prob still show. Recommended I set my caps to cure on top of my refrigerator since it keeps a more consistent temp and usually out of any drafts.
-So filled cracked caps with more DM
-glued my precious mags (after cursing whoever it was that made it near impossible to seperate the tiny buggars) to un-cracked caps

Day 5
-All caps looking great!!!
-Attached remaining mags

Day 6(today)
-75% of my caps are cracked Some are both cracked and cloudy
-Made another call to Plaid where they informed me I am doing many things wrong when it comes to using Dimensional Magic

1. E6000 is petroleum based, DM is water based...the chemicals from E6000 are seeping thru the images causing a reaction with the DM
2. Apparently you aren't supposed to use DM on photo paper, only on regular paper

They also informed me that the remaining caps would more than likely crack over time as well since all those chemicals are having a great time interacting with and reacting to each other

I am thinking it's time to buy some ET it safe to use in the house???!!!

How about Diamond Glaze....anyone have cracking issues on photos from walgreens with a Xyron sticker maker (my fingers were really worn out from pressing all the air out of those images, and heck, it was only $20 @ Wal Mart)

Any other suggestions????!!!

Sorry for the long post ...but thank heaven for this awesome forum!!
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