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Default Re: How do you layer your ribbons?

Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
Umm, what?

LoL! Can you tell me what that means please? I get the "heat ' bond" part
LOL I was truly laughing out loud at that one, sorry, sometimes what sounds okay in my head comes out sounding pretty strange.

So, Rubes was right, I have a spare roll of HnB that I keep for this specific type of bow, that way I don't have to cut pieces off of my big roll and I am not forced to keep little scraps--even tho' they are all over my house anyway, but you KWIM...

I tear off maybe a centimeter's worth off the roll ("a smidge"), three times, so I end up with 3 little pieces of HnB. (Skinny roll, what is it, 3/8"? 5/8?)

Then, I place the largest ribbon down on the ironing board, measure halfway point, lay one piece of HnB, then skinnier ribbon on top and iron. If your ribbon is 2.25", then measure 7" from center in each direction (3" base needs 8" loops) and place piece of HnB down, then smooth the skinner ribbon down and iron. repeat for other side. If you are making a three layer bow, then repeat with smallest width ribbon. twist ribbon so the 7" marks cross, top sides up so it looks like a wide survivor type ribbon, pin and fold. It gets tricky to hold the fold with one hand while folding the halfway point with your other, but it can be done easily with practice. This is my only reason for using the HnB, so the ribbons don't slide all over while I am trying to fold them! Use a tiny cable tie to wrap, adding pony-O if that is your attachment of choice. Wa-La, you have made a cheer bow! Keep in mind, I only do this with plain grosgrain ribbon bows, and you can do the same thing with a dot of glue or fabric-tac or double sided tape, etc etc you get the idea.
I hope this is a little more clear, if not, then I am a hopeless case and dont confuse yourself by listening to me and my ramblings! LOL
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