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Default Re: What is the difference between boutique and twisted boutique?

Originally Posted by jennychaffey View Post
Okaaaay....This still didn't answer her question.
As I stated, I didn't understand what the "big secret" is to which she was referring. There is no "big secret." I stated I use No Bow No Go templates, and love them. By the way, they actually have pics on their website that show you the difference between the two bows, they just call the boutique bow a "basic bow." No need to be rude. See below.

Originally Posted by jennychaffey View Post
Well, I wasn't able to get this question answered either, and I typed in every conceivable combination of search titles. Until I scrolled down a few replies. Up until then, the replies simply instructed how to make TWISTED BOUTIQUE. So she was absolutely right in being confused. So I think the answer is that "boutique bows" are just plain old bows, and "twisted boutique bows" are the highly-desired perky bows that sometimes--but not always--use the figure 8 method (which, in my opinion, is much easier but results in a cheaper looking, less-desireable end product).

So thank you to the woman who asked this question, and thank you to the woman who posted the pics of the different bows.
I searched the forum for "boutique bow twisted difference" and got the following thread, on the first page of results, from the end of September in which I answer this question with a link to pics. This is not the first time I've answered this question with pics.

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