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Default Re: What is the difference between boutique and twisted boutique?

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
So if the figure 8 method makes a twisted boutique and the hair-hardware video shows a diff technique but still makes a twisted boutique bow, how do you make just a boutique bow? I'm soooo confused. LOL..
I don't think there is a concrete definition for "boutique". I have come to think of "boutique" as loosely meaning "fancy". And I don't think that this is a "Big Secret" so much as it is a matter of how fancy a bow has to be before it's "boutique".

Most people would probably agree that it needs to be a 4 looped bow to be boutique. Beyond that it may simply need to be oversized (with wider ribbon) or made with a particularly eye catching pattern, but more likely it probably also needs to have a more elaborate style or shape. In other words, it isn't enough that the bow is big and bold but those 4 loops need to be twisty(er)/loopy(er)/perky(er). For those who think of twisted/loopy/perky bows as a minimum requirement then a bow may not truly seem "boutique" unless it is stacked/layered and perhaps even embellished with with bottlecaps and other pretty accents.

This is just my impression as someone relatively new to of this but having spent a lot of time scouring the internet for information I think of it as a progression as follows:

1a) Basic bow (the kind you get when you tie a shoe or a ribbon on a package). I don't think it's possible to get a twisted/loopy/perky effect on a two loop bow since you can't get the angles you need where the ribbon intersects.

1b) "Cheer" bow, which is essentially an oversized basic bow with long(er) tails. The larger size may give the loops more volume but I don't think of them as particularly twisted/loopy/perky.

1c) Mini-bows: miniature basic bows. I suppose it's possible to make smaller scaled 4 loop bows but I haven't seen any. My guess is that too much of the detail gets lost.

2a) Four Loop Bow where the two sets of loops are basically parallel to each other. At a glance it may look like a basic bow, especially if the two sets of loops are really close together.

2a) Pinwheel bow. Four loops and similar to a twisted/loopy/perky (see directly below) but lays flat. It is different from the basic four loop where the two sets of loops are parallel to each other. With the pinwheel the loops are spread evenly apart.

3a) Boutique or twisted/loopy/perky bow. Similar to a pinwheel but with the proper angles where the ribbon intersects the ribbon is forced into into perky loops. Some loops are twistier/quirkier/perkier than others, as you know. That depends upon the angle at the intersections.

3b) Stacked/layered. A more elaborate bow made by stacking/layering at least 3 bows or components of different sizes, textures and patterns. The base is generally a 4 loop bow and those loops are probably (but not always) twisty/loopy/perky. The third component is usually a "surround". The fourth component can be a smaller bow such as a mini-corker (banana curled grosgrain), or a center embellishment such as a bottlecap.

4a) Surround: An accent piece for 4 looped bows, not used as a bow by itself. It is created from a ribbon that is narrower than the boutique bow it envelopes. It looks kind of like a hot wheels track with 4 roller coaster type loops. Once you go to the effort of putting a surround on a bow the finished product is probably "boutique".

4b) Double Surround: two surrounds used together.

JMO. Again, this is just my "take" on it.

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