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Default Re: What is the difference between boutique and twisted boutique?

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
What big secret? There are instructions everywhere to make them. You just need to use that search link above to find them. I did just like so many others on here and I do believe some of the ""generous" previous posters on here gave you links to them. How is that a big secret?
Well, I wasn't able to get this question answered either, and I typed in every conceivable combination of search titles. Until I scrolled down a few replies. Up until then, the replies simply instructed how to make TWISTED BOUTIQUE. So she was absolutely right in being confused. So I think the answer is that "boutique bows" are just plain old bows, and "twisted boutique bows" are the highly-desired perky bows that sometimes--but not always--use the figure 8 method (which, in my opinion, is much easier but results in a cheaper looking, less-desireable end product).

So thank you to the woman who asked this question, and thank you to the woman who posted the pics of the different bows.