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Default Re: What is the difference between boutique and twisted boutique?

Originally Posted by Krysia View Post
By the way, if you were wondering what the difference between a twisted boutique bow and a regular boutique bow is, this has been answered many times on this forum.
Well, I wasn't able to get this question answered either, and I typed in every conceivable combination of search titles. Until I scrolled down a few replies. Up until then, the replies simply instructed how to make TWISTED BOUTIQUE. So she was absolutely right in being confused. So I think the answer is that "boutique bows" are just plain old bows, and "twisted boutique bows" are the highly-desired perky bows that sometimes--but not always--use the figure 8 method (which, in my opinion, is much easier but results in a cheaper looking, less-desireable end product).

So thank you to the woman who asked this question, and thank you to the woman who posted the pics of the different bows.