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Default Re: Cheerleading Scrunchies Need to know how to make?

The sequin ribbon is actually sequin fabric, often called confetti sequin, adhered to same-color ribbon with heat n bond (usually lite, cause it gets pretty stiff), made into a spikey (or funky) pony-O. I haven't seen the ones from cheerleading Co., but i saw A WHOLE BUNCH of those incredibly cheap, 4-dollar zebra-and-gold-with-sequin bows from Omni cheer or campus cheer at our recent competition and Oh, boy!! could you tell those were mass-produced by 7 year olds in a sweat shop! they were fraying and looked horrible. Get what you pay for, just my $.02.
Anyway, back on topic, there are a bunch of tuts for the spikey bow, maybe if you added more spikes, it would be puffier instead of circular? the sequins are stiffer, I'd add more grosgrain or satin for volume. I saw someone recently made some super nice green n white ones for a Spartans team, try searching for her bows under "cheer bows" and maybe she can help. I try to stick with cheer bows, no spikes or loopy barrettes or anything, or I'd write ya a tut. HTH,
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