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Default Re: How do you layer your ribbons?

Depends...for some plain grosgrain ribbon cheer bows, I just HnB a smidge at half, and 7" from half in both directions, just to get the ribbon to stay laying centered while I am wrestling with the folds. Otherwise, on a GG bow, I don't bond the layers unless I am requested by the customer. I bond all of my other fabric bows, some with HeatnBond, some with E6000 glue and iron-on vinyl. They sequins always get HnB to bond the fabric to ribbon, then glue to bond the ribbon to ribbon. Any white or zebra ribbon gets HnB due to the glue lines that show through the white (or any other pale color) GG ribbon. try HnB lite if you are struggling with your boutique bows and maybe they wont be as stiff as a cheer bow, but always remember you are adding an extra layer to your bow, and it will become more stiff with each layer.
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