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Default Re: For those of you that make Bottlecaps...Suggestion...

Originally Posted by snugabugzboutique View Post
I agree with amy, I sell tons of caps and usually when I ship them i put 2 to a bag and then I take a piece of cardboard and tape the bag flat to the cardboard. I use ET Lite and have never had a problem. I also have done grab bags and just thrown them in a bag and they are delivered fine. I think it has more to do with the fact they are using a glaze and not resin. Or the caps are not fully cured or the mix wasn't exactly the way it should be.

ET Lite or Colores are about the only 2 I know of that will dry to a glass like finish.

Also there is a difference in print quality, I can tell a difference from Sam's to Walgreens. I mostly use Walgreens or Arts Cow has really great quality prints as well.

HTH, Becky
I'm making a note of these suggestions in case I ever try making bottle caps.

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