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Default Re: Is there a ribbon store that sells a monthly kit?

Originally Posted by SweetCheek View Post
Dont know of one, but maybe your on to something here! My mom is in the quilting world, and she has a very good business! She does monthly clubs where you get so many patterns each month to build your collection of patterns. A lot of people like it and she has a lot of subscribers!
Yes! I used to be a member of a scrapbook kit club... they would split up the packages, etc. so we got to try all sorts of cool new stuff that way.

Like I could just see a kit with a few yards of that giant grossgrain, a couple of bottlecaps, and some pre-printed images, maybe some clippy liner, a couple of korkers, a really cool patterned ribbon...

you know what I mean? I just think that would be really fun for people making the bows more for fun than to sell at a big massive craft show, etc.

Plus--they COULD take the bows and sell them if they didn't have anything else to do with them, yanno?
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