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Default Boutique/Twisted are they the same

I am confused between
  • the bow that starts out with the figure 8 shape,
  • the one that goes around the template to make two loops on each side and then is pulled into shape and
  • the one that I really can't seem to get to work which is the one where you angle the ribbon and then all of a sudden you have to slip the last loop between/behind the first loop. I hope that is at least a little bit clear. The angled ribbon with the one loop slipping over and behind an already placed loop is the one that I have a template for and is the lambs angled bow making template.
Are they all variations on what is called a twisted bow. Is a boutique bow different from a twisted bow.

The last one is the one I am trying to master but is it really that different from the others. Should I be driving myself crazy trying to master that last method if it isn't really much different in the end from the first two which I can do.

Thanks in advance.
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