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Default Re: Where do you find your photographers???

Originally Posted by my2girlies2029 View Post
I would love to find a good photographer to help me get a couple of pics of my things to add an avatar and to make a business banner but I don't know where to look. Is there a thread for photographers somewhere? a link perhaps?

Also how does this works? You do trades? you pay? how do you get the models? Can you tell I am LOST when it comes to all these things!

If anybody can help me I will gladly appreciate it!
As a photographer.. I post my work here and offer trades .. I give you the photos in exchange for the products themselves..
It varies though.. you could hire someone to photograph your item and pay per item or per product.. it all depends.. There are several threads here of people who are willing to do trades.. (I myself wont be doing them until January )
As for models.. sometimes the boutique will tell me what they are looking for or as a photographer I let you know what I have readily available..
sometimes its hard to find the right model.. and a lot of the photogs I have seen on here use their own kids (I dont have kids yet lol)
As for banners and Avatars... you might be able to find someone on Etsy ro you could post under the ISO board
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