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Default Re: Anyone Have QUick Way to Make String Knots???

Originally Posted by sla762 View Post
I know what you mean - I used to hate that part too. Someone showed me an AMAZING way to do this - and it is worth its weight in gold!!! Let me try to explain....

Thread needle
take ends of thread and bring them up lay perpendicular to your needle and hold in place with your thumb
while holding there, wrap your thread AROUND your needle 2 times
move your thumb up to now cover the 2 wrappings
SLIDE the "twists" off your needle, all the way down your thread and VOILA -
you have a knot!!!!!! It is soooooooooo fast! I no longer mind doing the sewing!!! Amazing!
I do mine exactly like this too! I went to a quilting class w/my mom a billion years ago and this is the only thing I remember from the class!!
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