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Default UC complaint

I had a lot of stuff that I needed from United Craft, but a lot of it was out of stock. I know a lot of you order from there, and I have in group buys before and love their ribbon, prices are right too. Well I called to see if I could order what I needed, they ship to me what was in stock and then what was out of stock ship me later. She said,' Yes, but I'll have to pay shipping.' I said that's fine. She tried to get me to wait till the 22nd when stock would be filled but I need what I can get now!

So she told me to add the headbands to my order to make it over $50, my order with everything I needed was over $70. Well the headbands were out of stock, so I had to add other things, plus put in my order what I needed that was out of stock. A PITA! She called me back and said that she 'Will Not do this again1' Kinda rudely too! I believe that if you want happy customers, be kind, curtious and appease the customer. I don't know why she has such a problem with me wanting to place a $70, but with stuff that was out of stock, I said I would pay for the shipping for the stuff that would come in later, hence her making more money. If you know things are going to be out of stock often, either stock more or offer customers to order backordered items and pay for shipping when they come in.

Has anyone had this problem with UC/UB?
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