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Default Re: attach to hair comb????

Make pieces, assemble and affix them to anything that you find sturdy enough to hold your design/ keep it stable... but not too much wider than the grip part (smooth side) of the comb. Figure out where you want it positioned on your comb and stitch it on with your strongest thread/ floss; going between the teeth of the comb (like wrapping a tutu waistband, if that helps) and taking up a little stitch in the back of your design with each wrap. Then, use a piece of matching/ coordinating material (satin, felt, ribbon, knit...whatever's closest to your design) and hot glue the FIRE out of it to the backside of the material you attached your flowers, feathers, etc., to -this should be about the same size as what your things are attached to; SO- you should be able to cover the back of the grip part of the comb with it, thus hiding your stitching.

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