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Default Re: New fabric flower...some1 has to know.

I need to see how you did

Originally Posted by redfox27 View Post
OOOH I DID IT!!!! I am so proud of myself I figured it out.

I started off with a length of fabric (I used satin, about a yard and a half) folded in half with raw edges.I used a felt circle I cut out, about half the size of my palm. Then I sewed and roughly folded the material every so often along the outer edge ( about every inch and a half, don't sew fabric in between folds either), keep going round till it gets smaller and smaller in the center. The folds are BIG and rough, almost angular. But when I compared mine to the one on Etsy, it was pretty similar, just different fabric you know. So basically it is fold and sew, move along, fold and sew. I will try and take a pic tomorrow in the daylight.
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