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Default Re: I want to make a Tutorial.....

Originally Posted by Dede View Post
Okay, I'm getting really picky here, but... when you say "along side" do you mean directions NEXT to the photos, ABOVE the photos, or BELOW the photos?
First of all, all photos should have corresponding reference numbers. For instance...

Step #4: Connect the HDMI cable between the receiver and television as shown in photo 6b.

Photos need to be as close to the text they are illustrating as possible. Readers (especially ones who are reading to learn.. as in a tutorial or instruction manual) can get easily confused. They have no previous knowledge (or very little) of the subject matter. Even if they do, you as the "teacher" need to start out on the ground level.

Remember, people read from the top down so putting the image above the text isn't the best option. You want your words to be what they see first, followed by the image. Photos are SUPPLEMENTS to the written word. Be sure your information is clear, concise and always to the point.
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