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Default Re: My Ebook is ready!!!

I think everyone who has ordered up to this point should have received the first 5 books. Just got the Cupcakes and Easter Basket back from the editor with a few typos, Actually you can tell which ones I was working on while tired vs. awake *lol*

Expect the next two really soon. I'd give you an actual time, but I have two really cranky children.

The Easter basket freakin rocks. It is so completely cool. I have some ideas for variations on it that I will try to post on yahoo. I really want some feedback on the technique for the eggs. It's pretty simple, but you may have to practice.

Ya know I should be rested, but I am more tired than before, I think I've been going so hard for so long, I need a little vacation. I have my last wedding cake due in May, and after that maybe I will take a break.

ok, I'll go fix the typos and send y'all your books.
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