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Default Re: Need opinions please

I'm probably one of those views. I click on anything that looks interesting even if I can't use it or "need it." Hmmm, perhaps that's why my wallet groans when I look at the "For Sale" section. Always so much interesting stuff. Anyhoo, back to your question/post: I clicked at looked at the files (even though I can't use the files) and I also looked at the felt pieces/appliques you sell. Rather than comment "marking" or some other type of clutter post I simply mentally "marked" your product. Perhaps others are doing the same or are using the thread tools to subscribe rather than post?

I can't comment on the price of the digital files since that is something I know nothing about; however, the felt pieces seem reasonable. I don't do a lot with felts other than what has been in applique grab bags I have purchased in destashes so I don't really know if that's what is deterring people or not. I do think your designs are cute and, again, I think your prices seem reasonable for the small bit of knowledge I have on what you're offering.

Sometimes it just takes a little while for a product to take off. Good luck and hopefully you'll have some sales soon!
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