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Default Re: Xmas giving.. want to

Originally Posted by midwestmommy574 View Post
So I've pretty new so not sure if my opinion is the right one but we all have them so anyways I'll cut to the chase
IMO it isn't copying a tutuorial and it's perfectly acceptable if you haven't bought that particular tut. and copy it word for word. Just like there are 5000000 meatloaf recipes. They may be similar or even the same but you aren't copying if you haven't seen it. Make sense... clear as mud that's just my .02 on it. Now if you bought the tut and just copy and pasted it that would be wrong.
I agree. If ou didn't buy the tut then you didn't copy it and you can call it your own. There are LOTS of ladies here that offer tuts on twisted boutiques for example. Each one surely puts their own spin on things.

Sharing is sharing . . . as long as it isn't stolen. Stolen, to me, is like waaaay back in highschool when we learned about plagiarism. You can't copy things word by word.

That's my opinion.
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