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Default Re: Xmas giving.. want to

So I've pretty new so not sure if my opinion is the right one but we all have them so anyways I'll cut to the chase
IMO it isn't copying a tutuorial and it's perfectly acceptable if you haven't bought that particular tut. and copy it word for word. Just like there are 5000000 meatloaf recipes. They may be similar or even the same but you aren't copying if you haven't seen it. Make sense... clear as mud that's just my .02 on it. Now if you bought the tut and just copy and pasted it that would be wrong.

Originally Posted by mkmedeal View Post
Question/ seeking opinions (Sorry if I run long... you know me)

I also love this idea and am SO glad that it was open to more than tutorials! If y'all are familiar with me at all, you know I'm long-winded. (Sorry 'bout that!) If I have an answer (that hasn't already been given) for anyone on anything I ALWAYS try to help; however, I don't feel that I "create" anything. I make lots of stuff- or at least give it a go; but I can't think of a thing I've ever made that doesn't have a tutorial (free or paid) floating around someplace.

My question (let's call it hypothetical for the time being) is this: If I make something (been doing it since 06) and now see that there is a paid tutorial for it (I am pretty sure by a member of HG), wouldn't it be frowned upon if I offered an actual tutorial for mine, for free?

I've never done a tutorial (am usually too strung out with "homemaking" to do anything in one sitting) and actually think my dear camera gave its last little click-clack-wheeze of despair when it realized that we were having a "day out with Thomas." So, probably won't be making a tut anytime soon. I've just always wondered about it.... What seems fair to me, does it seems fair to you girls, does it seem fair to the person making money from what *looks* like the same finished product? Does this make sense, so far? (I am not referring to anything that's going on or gone on, just curious for my own sake.)

I guess that's why I really just answer specific queries... I am so NOT in competition with anyone here. Not only are y'all in a different league; I honestly only want my dd to look as special as she is... and in a good way . I don't sell anything... I'm too stingy with my supplies; all I have and do is for my dd and ds. Therefore, it is NOT worth stepping on toes, or making foes on hg, in order for me to share. Are you tracking, or did I lose you on page 327?

I am sorry to run long and don't intend to detour the thread, I just thought it was relevant... but that's why I asked, 'cause my opinions sometimes don't align with what seems to be the majority. THAT SAID-

What recipes are y'all most interested in? Cakes, pies, casseroles, main dishes? Appetizers, finger foods? I am such a crazy hermit-momma... I should ask, would you like baby food, chicken nuggets, sausage, or goldfish? Who knew there would come a day that I'd miss cooking? (remind me I said that, in a year or so... lol!) Wow, let me shut up!!! Thanks for the space, ladies!
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