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Default Re: How do you cut 4.5" ribbon for clip lining?

Originally Posted by tpj58 View Post

This sounds dang handy. I have granite countertops and it rocks crafting on it! In fact, when I make rolled roses, I actually glue the bast to my granite and go from there. It holds it really still, then I can just peel it off. Also, it is great because I don't' have to worry about where I am sitting my glue gun. Just one question though...isn't is so heavy?

Yea it is heavy but i don't usually move it much. I have it sitting on my island which is a wood top and i put those slider thingys under it that you put on the bottom of chairs so it moves easily without marking up anything. I also love it because it is always cool so the wood burners melts it but the granite cools it really fast and i don't get any kinds of strings or weird stuff. Really happy with it just like u mentioned wish it wasn't soo heavy but i can deal!!!!
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